Private Pilots

At the Alexis Park Inn & Suites, we cater to Private Pilots who fly into Iowa City's historic municipal airport.  Follow in the footsteps of the first Airmail pilots by landing on one of our three huge runways. Glance to the right while on short final for Runway 25, and you will see the inn as you glide by...and we can see you from some of our suites balconies.

Our special offers just for Private Pilots:

  • We are so close to the Iowa City Airport that it's within walking distance but don't sweat, you will not have to walk because we provide you with FREE TRANSPORTATION at check in and check out, just give us a call.
  • WE NOW OFFER A IFR-4PM CANCELLATION POLICY TO JUST PILOTS.  If you cancel your reservations by 4pm on the day of arrival due to poor flying-in weather, you will not be charged for your stay.  Please note that this cancellation policy only apply to weather-related, not mechanical or airport troubles.  
  • Depending on availability, you may request an aviation-themed suite or another suite that's overlooking the Iowa City airport's runway

So call us now to make your reservations because no other hotels offer the view like we do or treat you this special!


Links for Pilots: